ShelterBox Global Gifts 

These items symbolize shelter aid that ShelterBox Canada provides and will help where the need is greatest.

Items available for purchase (Taxes included):
Hats, Mitts, & Scarf set
Disasters and conflict can happen in any climate. Help keep children warm and cozy with a set of fleece winter accessories!

Price:   $10.00 CAD
Children's Activity Pack
Disasters can be very traumatic, especially for children. You can provide a joyful distraction and help children return to normal with a children’s activity pack.

Price:   $25.00 CAD
Mosquito Net
In tropical climates, families left with nothing are vulnerable to disease, especially children. You can give the gift of survival and protection from malaria to an entire family with a pack mosquito nets.

Price:   $35.00 CAD
Solar Lights
After a disaster, night-time can be complete darkness. You can brighten the lives of families and help them stay safe with a set of inflatable, solar lights.

Price:   $50.00 CAD
Practical Tools
Battered houses need repairs to make them homes again. You can help a family repair their home with practical tools like a hammer and saw.

Price:   $50.00 CAD
Kitchen Set
So much family time is spent around food - cooking together, eating together. You can help families feel like normal by providing cooking sets to families. 

Price:   $60.00 CAD
Blankets & Groundsheets
Staying dry and warm is essential for any family. You can provide warmth and comfort for a whole family with waterproof groundsheets and thermal blankets.

Price:   $85.00 CAD
Water Purification Kit
Clean water can be the difference between life and death. You can give clean water and protect a family from deadly viruses and bacteria with a water purification filter and two collapsible carrying jugs.

Price:   $108.00 CAD
You can provide a family with heavy-duty tarps, tools and building materials – everything needed to repair their home and rebuild their lives.

Price:   $150.00 CAD
If a disaster has destroyed your home and rebuilding isn’t an immediate option, having a roof over your head shouldn’t be luxury. You can give a family the gift of shelter and protection with a custom-made tent.

Price:   $500.00 CAD
For families who have lost everything, starting over seems impossible. You can change their lives and provide a place to call home by giving a ShelterBox, packed with a tent and everything else a family needs to recover.

Price:   $1,200.00 CAD